"OH YES YOU CAN BREASTFEED TWINS! ...Plus More Tips for Simplifying Life with Twins"

...Plus More Tips for Simplifying Life with Twins
By: April Rudat

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The Dietitians' Guide to Smart Eating and Healthy Living for Truckers

By: Sharon Madalis & April Rudat

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"Oh Yes You Can Breastfeed Twins!" BREASTFEEDING TIPS

About the Book

April Rudat, Registered Dietitian and successful breastfeeding mother of twins, provides a complete handbook of breastfeeding tips for moms who want to breastfeed more than one baby at a time. Also included are many helpful hints for simplifying life with twins, compiled just for you! 

~ Learn what you need to know NOW, as a pregnant mom beginning your multiple motherhood journey:
Read about why you may want to breastfeed twins, what you’ll need and what you won’t, how to get ready before your bundles of joy arrive, how to keep track of everything twins, how to breastfeed successfully, how to save money, and which resources are truly helpful. 

~ Learn about your AWESOME BREASTS:
Read simple anatomy and physiology tidbits that show how it is possible to breastfeed multiple babies. Also learn about common breastfeeding problems, pumping for two, tandem breastfeeding outside the home, and fashion for the breastfeeding mom of multiples. 

~ Learn from a mom who has been through it all:
Read about the trials and tribulations in the first year of life with twins to include information on doctor’s appointments, weight checks, the perfect nursing chairs for tandem breastfeeding, nursing strikes, sleeping through the night, beginning solids, introducing cups, illnesses, using one crib or two, throwing first birthday parties, and much, much more! Finally, here is a practical, fun, and educational guide to breastfeeding and caring for multiples!

 With 23 comprehensive and easy to read chapters and three excellent appendices, OH YES YOU CAN BREASTFEED TWINS! will make breastfeeding and caring for multiples a simpler feat!

Book Topics

Part I: What You Need to Know NOW!
~ Why should you breastfeed multiples?
~ What you need...And what you don't
~ Setting up the nursery to breastfeed
~ Forms, logs, and growth curves for breastfed babies
~ Being a successful breastfeeding mother of multiples
~ Multiples money saving tips

Part II: All About Boobs
~ Lactation basics: What your breasts can do
~ Breastfeeding ailment descriptions and treatments
~ Nipple confusion and nursing strike tips
~ Pumping tips
~ The roles of your breasts
~ Breastfeeding outside the home
~ Fashion tipsPart 

III: What I Did and What I Learned
~ My twin labor experience
~ Beginning breastfeeding twins
~ Challenges in the first days of life with twins
~ A description of each stage of life with multiples
~ Breastfeeding big toddler twins

Breastfeeding Tips
~ First, make sure both babies have a good latch. Work with a lactation consultant closely if you are having latch problems. Master breastfeeding each baby alone, and then learn to tandem breastfeed before your babies are discharged from the hospital. Tandem breastfeed all the time to save on time. 

~ Choose your lactation consultant carefully. Make sure she is helping you. If not, find someone new. Along the same lines, become friends with your lactation consultant. Ask if you can have her email address and phone number for emergency problems or questions. 

~ Get a good nursing pillow. There are many different types available including twin-specific types. 

~ Find a comfortable position that works for you. The double football hold is an example of an easy position to master. (See image above.) 

~ Breastfeeding two babies at a time requires additional space: Use a small sofa for breastfeeding. 

~ Initially, make breastfeeding your full-time job. Let others help with housework and cooking. If you can delay going back to work, do so. 

~ Returning to work? Great information on returning to work and breastfeeding is available at: and

~ For breastfeeding success, get support!
   -- Rely on family, friends, and church family.
   -- Get medical practitioner support from lactation consultants, pediatricians and obstetricians, and registered dietitians.
   -- Seek out help from hospital help lines or meetings, or schedule a home visit to have breastfeeding assessed.
   -- Visit the La Leche League website at or attend a local meeting.
   -- Call the La Leche League Helpline: 1-877-4-LALECHE
   -- Call The National Breastfeeding Helpline: 1-800-994-9662 (available in English and Spanish)
      or visit: