Meet April Rudat, MS Ed, RDN, LDN!

April Rudat is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist through the Commission on Dietetic Registration of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the "American Dietetic Association"), and she is a Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist in the State of Pennsylvania.  

April completed the Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management through the Commission on Dietetic Registration, and she has done extensive continuing education in intuitive eating/non-diet practice as well as in the field of eating disorders treatment.  April holds a Master's Degree in Counseling, and she believes the behavior change component of nutrition counseling is of utmost importance so that clients can make lifelong improvements. 

Aiming to help clients restore a healthy relationship with food, April approaches nutrition counseling practice in an individualized, collaborative way and teaches evidenced-based nutrition science.  Food is nourishment.  Food is pleasurable.  Food is medicine.  Food is cultural.  Food is sustenance and life.  All foods fit in balance.  Combining solid, nutritional science with work toward a better relationship with food, April Rudat walks alongside each client on their journey to health and wellness.

Client Testimonials

“To sum up in a few words, my work with April Rudat has changed my life. I connected immediately with April due to her friendly personality, genuine demeanor, and obvious expertise in her field. The process of working with her has been growth inducing while challenging at the same time, and her easy-going nature made it very comfortable for me to be completely honest with her (even when I did not want to be). I never feel judged, criticized, or am made to feel inferior. The growth of the person I have become today is due in part to my work with April. I have learned to think about food, weight, and my body differently. And she has helped to reframe my mindset of things related to dieting, exercise, and nutrition. My internal cognitive schemas have been reconstructed, and my behaviors/habits are gradually adapting to fit the new internal dialogue. I have learned to listen to my mind and body for signs of hunger and fullness rather than to eat for millions of other reasons.  April's approach to nutritional counseling is primarily focused on changing thoughts, patterns, & behaviors. However, she was never lacking in a genuine, non-judgmental, & a gentle approach. I will say that while a significant portion of the treatment of my binge eating disorder was related to April, a significant portion was also related to my own readiness and willingness to do the work, having reached the point in my life when I was ready to change. I will never forget everything that April has done for me, and I will continue to use the skills/strategies/cognitive frameworks that she has taught me.”

“Working with April has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and definitely the most important step on my journey to [eating disorder] recovery. Every little piece of doing nutrition counseling with April has had a huge impact on me, from ‘fight back’ journaling to the simple fact that she genuinely cares about her clients. She takes the time to really get to know the person and their situation. Even though we work really hard and accomplish a lot, she was never cold and strictly business. Through working with April, I have learned that even though it is hard, I am capable, and I am worth it. Thank you!”

“April has taken the time to help me conquer large barriers that get in the way of my recovery. Smashing my scale (twice!), going out for lunch/ice cream, preparing meals, and grocery shopping have allowed me to take major steps in being able to tackle my eating disorder head on. After doing these activities with April, I felt more comfortable and confident that I'd be able to do it again in the future. I was able to see that these experiences aren't scary. They can actually be fun! It allowed me to see that I want to overcome my eating disorder so I can continue to have such positive experiences with food.  In regards to smashing my scale, it showed me that I'm so much more powerful and it doesn't have to have control over my life. All of these activities allowed me to see that I am truly the one in charge of my life, and my eating disorder is holding me back from living the life I want. Another aspect that I greatly appreciate is that April helps me figure out what is going on, and then finds a way to do things differently. When I feel stuck with food choices, April will sit with me and figure out a way to change things without it becoming overwhelming. April always provides me with achievable challenges that help me take steps toward recovery. It allows me to feel like I'm capable of making changes and gives me hope that I can beat my eating disorder. April's encouraging and motivating approach to nutrition counseling has always kept me fighting. Thank you.”

"I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done for my family! You are truly amazing and have helped us in so many ways! You are so easy to talk to and you are always encouraging and so positive. You are supportive and I know there is nothing you won't do to see your clients succeed.  You make being healthy possible even with life being so hectic. You are understanding and compassionate, which has allowed me to open up and not be ashamed to talk about my binge eating. Since I have been able to talk about it, I have been able to stop bingeing -- something I used to believe was not possible. It amazes me that no matter what hurdles or situations I throw at you, you always find a solution. As you know, the saying in our house is: "What would Miss April say if she were here?" That always helps up to make the right choice! I love how you have brought us back to the basics. We don’t have to worry about counting calories or measuring and weighing food. You have taught us to "listen" to our bodies. This will allow us to be successful for the rest of our lives! You are not just a nutritionist, you are a motivator and a true believer and that has made all the difference in this journey.  I could say thank you a million times, but it would never be enough for all you have done for us!! 

"Just wanted to say thanks again for all of your help this year! You have truly made a difference in the quality of my life! And I know that it wouldn't have been possible without changes in my nutrition that you have recommended. I also really appreciate the research and thoroughness that you put into each of my appointments. You had great advice and meal ideas too! Besides all of that you genuinely seemed to care about my health. Finally! Someone who really wants to listen! Thank you!"                           

“April, I just received a call from my doctor. He informed me that my blood work results from the hospital were received and that he is overjoyed about the test results. My Hemoglobin A1C is 5.8, and because I lost 39 lbs. since January and continue to exercise, I no longer have to take Metformin [diabetes medication]. This is fabulous news, and I owe it all to you. Now I do not have to take any sugar diabetes medication or insulin. I am ecstatic and overjoyed at this very moment. I owe all of my success to you and your guidance through these hard times. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for all you have done for me. I also had my annual physical this past Monday, and I passed with flying colors. The doctor was really impressed by my health. I just wanted to let you know that you are doing an excellent job in regards to my situation and look forward to seeing you next month.”