April Rudat, MS Ed, RD, LDN
Registered Dietitian ~ Nutrition Counselor ~ Author ~ Speaker


- Contact April Rudat for her current fee schedule: aprilrd82501@comcast.net
- Now accepting several medical insurance plans for nutrition counseling
- Now accepting credit and debit card payment

Think About the Following...
- A haircut and color costs $70-100 and lasts only 4-6 weeks...
- A massage costs $80-120 and lasts 50-60 minutes...
- A session with an exercise physiologist costs $80-120 per hour...
- A tall coffee costs $4...Multiple this by two weeks worth of coffees and you will have spent $56...

The Benefits of Nutrition Counseling Last a LIFETIME!  You Are Worth It! 
- Learn from a Registered Dietitian and improve your health for life.
- Diets are damaging!  With Registered Dietitian April Rudat, restore your relationship with food, learn how much to eat by listening to your body's hunger and satiety signals, and find out the best way to fill your plate.

Contact April Rudat to Schedule Your Session Today: 
Email: aprilrd82501@comcast.net or call: 570-877-5491



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